There will be an annual cap & gown graduation ceremony for all students who have completed the requirements for the 2 Year Associate Degree in Biblical Studies. This will take place near the first of August each year.

Graduation Requirements


In order to earn a 2 Year Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, you must complete all 20 courses at 3 credit hours each for a total of 60 credit hours. You must have received a passing grade for each course in order to receive credit. 

Transferring Credits

You may be able to transfer some courses from another Bible school to receive credit. The acceptance of courses for credit from another Bible school must be approved by the WHBI Director. Courses from any TAC accredited school will be given special consideration.


One month prior to the class dates, there will be open registration for that course. Upon registration you will receive the course syllabus with the required reading and written assignment to be completed before the class begins.

Classes are available here at World Harvest Church or you can connect through the zoom virtual platform. You are welcome to use both methods during the monthly class.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but in order to receive credit for your degree your paperwork must be completed and turned in by Wednesday following the class.

Levels of Study Available

2 Year Associate Degree in Biblical Studies:  In order to receive our degree you will need to attend all classes, read textbook assignments, complete all written assignments and take final exam. 60 credit hours is required for completion of a degree. Cost: $55.00 per course

Audit Class: Attend classes and receive textbooks. No exam or assignments are required. No credit will be received toward a degree or certificate. Cost: $55.00 per course


Class Schedule

Classes are held three consecutive nights a month beginning on the third Thursday of the month. Class times are Thursday and Friday evening from 7pm-10pm and Saturday afternoon from 10am-1pm.

Attendance is Mandatory

Attendance at all three classes is mandatory in order to receive degree credit for that course. You are also required to complete the reading assignment and take the exam, as well as complete any written assignments. Childcare Is Not Available.


Be on time. Classes will begin promptly at the top of the hour. Any habit of tardiness will be addressed and may affect your grade.


If you register for a course, but are not able to attend, you may drop the course. If you notify the school before the class begins, you will be allowed a $30.00 refund, and you may keep the books. No refund will be offered after the class has begun.


Working scholarships are available at times. See the WHBI Director for more information.

Grading Scale

The school grading scale is as follows:    90-100 A / 80-89 B / 70-79  C / 60-69 D / -59 F.  If you earn a failing grade (64 or below), you will not receive credit for the course.

Make-up Work

If you miss a class due to an excused work or ministry-related conflict, you may make up the test and/or written assignments. All work must be turned in prior to the beginning of the next month’s class. Credit will not be given for any work turned in in later than one month.