Letter from the President

Dear Student,

Welcome to World Harvest Bible Institute! The purpose of this school is to equip you to become a mighty man or woman of God in an age of compromise and mediocrity. This is not just a learning institution to give you “head knowledge”, but rather it is a training base to raise up radical leaders who will affect the world for God! I want to challenge you to attend, to apply yourself and to be that man or woman that is used by God in a powerful way to reach the world for Him.

Let’s do great things for God!

Mirek Hufton, Senior Pastor, World Harvest Church

Linda Hufton, Director, World Harvest Bible Institute

Our Vision Statement

“Empowering believers to impact their world”. This program will take each student on a journey through selected topics in the Bible that will empower them with the knowledge base they need to be effective for the Kingdom of God in their world. In addition, they will receive training in the practical and spiritual aspects of ministering to all those around them and for the specific areas of ministry to which God has called them.

Our Mission Statement

“The purpose of the institute is to be a training base to raise up radical men and women of God to serve Him wholeheartedly and with excellence in an age of compromise and mediocrity.” -Pastor Mirek Hufton

Our Strategy

A Christian leader enrolled in the World Harvest Bible Institute will receive basic knowledge of the entire Bible, practical “how-tos” and ethics of ministry, along with supervised practicum in their desired areas of ministry.

A two-year Associate Degree program in Biblical Studies is offered as well as a one year Bible School certificate.

Our Accreditation

World Harvest Bible Institute (WHBI) has been accepted as an Accredited Member Institution with the educational family of Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TAC) For more information on TAC, refer to their website at www.transworldaccrediting.com. Transworld Accrediting Commission International, 9085 California Avenue Riverside, California 92503, 951-901-5586.